Rank:  2

Major:  Forestry, Fisheries, & Wildlife

Hometown:  Chillicothe, Ohio in Ross County

Office: New Member Educator and Director of Provisions

Mike Bell is a 2nd year at The Ohio State University studying Forestery, Fisheries, and Wildlife. He is from the Chillicothe, Ohio in Ross County. He is involved with multiple student organizations including the Forestry Forum and Amature Radio and RF Club. He enjoys a range of outdoor hobbies such as hiking and hunting, as well as working with amature radio. Mike is planning on a career in the private forestry industry, where he plans on working as a private lands forester. Mike is currently serving as Director of Provisions and one of the Chapter's New Member Educators.

80 East 13th Ave; Columbus, OH 43201

Bryant Bergefurd | President : 937.630.2613
Lucas Buehler| Treasurer: 937.710.2125
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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