The alumni and active members of Delta Theta Sigma fraternity on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University are proud to offer scholarships for incoming male freshmen students for fall semester regardless of major . Over $10,000 will be offered in this program.

These scholarships are offered to male students enrolling at the main campus of The Ohio State University.

Delta Theta Sigma is a professional agricultural fraternity dedicated to the promotion of the following principals as set forth by the founders of Delta Theta Sigma:

The promotion of agriculture 

Securing a high degree of scholarship

Fostering the spirit of brotherhood 

Assisting in social, behavioral, and cultural development of our members. 

The deadline for applications is March 20th.


For questions or more information contact Alex Koopmans, 513-404-4428


80 East 13th Ave; Columbus, OH 43201

Bryant Bergefurd | President : 937.630.2613
Lucas Buehler| Treasurer: 937.710.2125
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